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LE BINH - THE BROOM TRADE VILLAGE 30/03/2019 10:57:48 SA
Le Binh village, Mai Thuy commune (Le Thuy) has long been famous for its traditional broom making career. For generations, generations of villagers have been diligently "keeping fire" for the profession before the ups and downs of life. At present, when many craft villages in our province are facing the risk of being lost and lost before the whirlwind of market mechanism, Le Binh broom is still standing and growing, contributing to the pride. of Mai Thuy people in particular, Le Thuy in general.

The first stage is stripping, sorting and tying into a diameter of about 4-5 cm. The person who sticks each of the sticks is dry, using small sticks to hold them on both sides (also called a jar) until a stick has a tip about 40-50 cm long, the stem is about 1m long (if it is made long tail). At the same time, knit people classify by color (blue, yellow) and according to the short length of the tops.

        The second stage is the neck and handle body (broom tail). After the first stage, the person who interrogated the neck with a wire, used a sharp iron puncher to pierce through the body about 1-2cm from the tip, charge it with 5-6 rounds and hide the bandage inside. in the body.

         Next is the problem (broom tail): split the body (from the neck) into 4 equal parts, then tie each part by wire and cover. The final stage is spread and knit. After completing the first two steps, people use their hands to bend half of the abdomen and a back and then level on the wooden spread table, then clamp it firmly.

          In the end, use a rope to twist the three arc lines. From the spindly trees through the hands of lumpy hands because of the pickaxe, plow, year-round familiarize with the farming of the people who turned into sure, useful brooms.

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In recent years, thanks to the investment in the technical stage, the quality of the broom has been improved significantly, however, the products of the craft village have not really created a mark on the market due to the promotion. be paid attention to. Accordingly, the competitiveness of products of other craft villages is weak, the cost of products is lower.

         Therefore, in order to develop a career, in addition to planning a reasonable and long-term development plan, people in Le Binh need to create conditions to borrow money with preferential interest rates and longer loan periods. . Currently, the locality is planning to establish a concentrated village cooperation group to create more favorable conditions in preparing materials, purchasing products and seeking stable consumption markets. Hopefully, the cooperative team will soon be established and put into operation effectively to promote the village to develop more and more.


                                                          Student : Nguyen Vu Khanh Ngoc (5A)


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